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Why teaching MBIs is such an honour and such a delight

If ‘understanding and enabling innovation’ is my deeply rooted and long standing passion, then teaching is one of my favourite vehicles for sharing that passion. I think why i consider myself so lucky and am so happy with my teaching is that I have the privilege to teach on Masters programmes, and to teach at Masters programmes that are slightly unusual. What do i mean by that? Well, the programmes I am teaching do generally place high importance to innovation, and or design / design thinking. Interestingly but perhaps not surprisingly these programmes do not tend to be at the well known business schools, but at more enterprising and adventurous universities. To I would like to mention in particular are the MBI - Master of Business Innovation - at the DEUSTO Busienss School in Bilbao, Spain, and CEDIM (Centro de Estudios Superiores de Deseño de Monterrey) in Monterrey, Mexico. Whereas I often have the feeling with traditional MBAs that students are there primarily to add the three letters to their name, those who are coming to do an MBI are there because of the content. Believe me, as a teacher that is what truly makes a difference, and which makes teaching so much fun, and so rewarding.

If you are considering to do a Masters degree, what is your motivation?

(Picture: MBI students, Mexico City, October 2013)

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