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Films & Presentations

The Irish Times:

Innovation Cities Roadshow

Keynote Presentation

University of Limerick  |  November 2012

CEDIM MBI Innovation Series:

Innovation Leadership

Keynote Speaker

Mexico City  |  September 2012


Films & Presentations

The Future of Innovation: 

​Beware of the Dark Side

Keynote Presentation

Copenhagen, Denmark  |  August 2011


Amplify Festival


Keynote Presentation

Australia  |  April 2013

The Challenges of Innovation

Master in Business Innovation


Deusto Business School  |  May 2013


Sustainability, Innovation & the Triple Bottom Line


ISPIM, Dublin, Ireland  |  June 2014

Presentation at the DESMA Forum 2014 on Innovation



DESMA Forum  |  September 2014

Visionary Leadership in a Turbulent World

Conversation WithSilvia Schroeder,

Global Influencer Effectiveness Summit  |  March 2017

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