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Towards WE & BEYOND – Impresssions from a shared journey Part IV

Since we embarked on our journey in earnest we started sharing the concept of the “WE and BEYOND” with friends, colleagues and students. It is amazing to see how much it seems to resonate; comments are along the lines of: “It makes sense”, “it feels right”, “yes, this is what is needed”. This is of course wonderfully encouraging – and it also made us think about a DILEMMA we have recently experienced ourselves in one of our conversations: even if we understand, like and agree with a concept or an idea, this does not necessarily mean that we can truly embrace and live it! Not because we don’t want to or think it is not important… it is more like in the saying, “Doctor, take thy own medicine!” What causes this INTENTION – ACTION – GAP?

To be more specific: our intention was and is to at least once per week add a new post in our “WE and BEYOND” blog. However, with all good intentions (and many other commitments) time just slips by. So, our admiration for those who keep a regular blog is higher than ever before…

What can we do to bridge this gap in future?

We might set a fixed day of the week to publish the post.

We might put together a list of topics to write about.

We might ask our spouse to remind us to write it.

We might …

We’ll see, what happens. You’ll see :-)

We trust that we’ll find our way and priorities will shift, so that posting gets its space in our daily and weekly routine.

Our fourth realisation: Embedding a new routine in set every-day life tasks for conscious effort and extra energy at the beginning.

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