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Towards WE & BEYOND - Impressions from a shared journey Part I

Uh oh, this feels a little strange and risky … and scary …

Today we - well, we introduce ourselves in a moment… - decided to share some impressions of our journey of writing our first book together, inspired by the movie Julia & Juliette.

Who is the we?!

The we is Doro and Bettina, Bettina and Doro :-).

We are both German, one of us actually living there (Doro), the other moved to the UK some 20 years ago (Bettina) and have both passed the half century birthday (we guess that this is part of why writing a blog like this feels somewhat scary to us…). And herein lies our first realisation: fear is very personal, what is scary to some is very familiar and comfortable to others!

This is how it looked yesterday, the first time we were together in one room to work on this project, three months after the idea came up and we were playing with it via email and Skype: piles of thoughts, inspiration and a lot of chaos in our heads. Now is the time to discover what kind of order emerges out of the chaos…

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