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A post from Jennifer A Gordon’s blog ‘business 2 a different beat’

Innovation, A Room With a LoomGreat rhyme, n’est-ce pas? What if we create a new word and think of innovation as a roomwithaloom? Picture this room. There are the diverse aspects of the space itself—lighting, shape, acoustics, temperature, etc. What type of tapestry do we want to weave? What story do we want to tell? And on what type of loom—Floor, Table, Rigid Heddle, Inkle, Tapestry Frame, or Backstrap? And what materials shall be used—silk, cotton, wool, hemp or synthetic fibers? What people or elements are the warp—those strong vertical threads that can withstand more stress? And who and what are the weft—the horizontal threads that don’t need to bear as much strain and that weave over and under the warp threads?

Dr. Bettina von Stamm:

Those who delve deeper into the understanding of innovation come invariably to the conclusion that the path to creating innovative organizations is one of embracing a systemic, holistic approach that considers all aspects of an organization, inside and out. It is an approach that starts with the acknowledgement of human nature, with a delight in diversity, with the skill of bringing together those who are focused on details and the here and now, with those who are the dreamers and visionaries, to create something that neither alone could; it is an approach where we ‘involve’ and ‘engage,’ rather than ‘tell’ and ‘order,’ as people will not resist change—they will, however, resist ‘being changed.’

—Dr. Bettina von Stamm, Founder & Catalyst of Innovation Leadership Forum

What about our weaving’s design, size and color palette? The timeframe, customer, shipping, suppliers, accounting, quality control, janitor, weavers and the remaining throng of other important characters and elements of the process? Add to the story the different sounds made by the loom as the shuttle moves back and forth … the sounds of the birds and traffic outside, too. And then travel beyond that … You get the idea.It takes an entire village to innovate.For my by Jennifer A Gordon visit her blog

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