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The Group of Innovators’ Anonymous

I have set up the ILF Networking Group when I realised that being the one in an organisation charged with improving conditions for innovation can be quite a lonely place—that’s why I some times refer to the Group as Innovators’ Anonymous.

The purpose of our four-a-year meetings is to share existing knowledge and to push the boundaries of knowledge around innovation, at least as much through experiencing as through talking. The members are a fantastically open, interesting as well as interested bunch of people from highly diverse backgrounds, professionally, personally as well as with regards to their industries.

Supported by influential directors of innovation in large and prestigious corporations, the ILF Networking Group is an invaluable resource that gives members a competitive advantage in the pressure cooker life of business today.

Dedicated to sharing, clarifying, creating and applying knowledge about innovation, the forum operates in a dynamic atmosphere that incorporates knowledge development and academia with practice, real-life experiences and actual case studies.

Through our activities with large companies and organisations, we work together with our collaborative partners to facilitate insights into innovation. Share existing knowledge. Exchange ideas. Explore concepts. Formulate strategies. Create new wisdom. And find solutions that make a real difference.

The ILF Networking Group gives our members a seat at the same table with like-minded, senior-level decision makers of large and prestigious companies. We share information. Open minds to life-changing ideas. And help members transform the culture of business with innovative solutions that make a significant difference.

To find out more or join The Innovation Leadership Forum Networking Group, email us at

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